• 如果这样做是安全的,离开建筑物,远离事故现场
  • 如果你不能离开,锁上或堵住所有的门
  • 关上百叶窗和窗户
  • 远离门窗
  • 保持在较低/后面可用的重物
  • 关掉灯、收音机和电脑显示器
  • 别让别人看见你
  • 关掉所有手机
  • 拨打911提供你的位置, 报告受伤情况, 或提供攻击者的描述.g., name, number of suspects, gender, 比赛, 服装, physical features, type of weapon(s)
  • 用校园电话打411或者通知保安人员
  • 拨打校外电话419-574-3861或通知保安人员
  • Remain in the secured area until you are certain that the shooter(s) is contained by law enforcement
  • Do not attempt to rescue anyone if it will further endanger the persons within the secured area
  • 如有疑问,待在安全区域内. 检查LourdesALERT短信
  • 如果你遇到警察, 举起你的手,立即完全地听从他们的命令. 他们可能不知道枪手是谁


A bomb threat may be discovered accidentally or by having an individual notify you of the threat. The person aware of the threat should not attempt to evacuate the entire building, 但一开始要集中精力收集尽可能多的信息. The majority of bomb 威胁 are false in nature and are intended to elicit a response from the building occupants.


  • 确保文件由尽可能少的人处理
  • 尽快将文件交给当地执法部门
  • 如果威胁是通过电子邮件或语音邮件收到的, 保存留言,并立即通知行政会议成员


  • 保持冷静 and attempt to ask a nearby person to notify a member of Administrative Council. Speak 慢ly, be polite and respectful of the caller to learn more about their plans
  • Pay attention to the phone display, if possible, and record the information on the phone window
    Keep the caller on the line as long as possible and attempt to gather as much information as possible
  • Make note of 截然不同的ive sounds, patterns and noises that may indicate who, or where the caller is
  • Attempt to obtain information on why there is a bomb, where it is, how and when it will detonate
    Immediately after the caller hangs up, notify a member of Administrative Council

A member of Administrative Council will 使 an informed decision on the need to evacuate a building or the entire campus or the need to lockdown a building away from the threat.

  • Ensure that other entities on campus are appraised of the threat and actions are being taken
  • Contact local law enforcement and request that they send appropriate personnel to campus
  • 听从当地执法部门的指示, or other assigned 年龄ncies which will be in charge of directing the response to the threat

Local law enforcement will initiate a search of campus buildings with appropriate law enforcement and security personnel as needed.



  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外电话)



  • 炸弹什么时候会爆炸?
  • 它现在在哪里?
  • 它看起来像什么?
  • 这是什么炸弹?
  • 什么会导致它爆炸?
  • 炸弹是你放的吗?
  • 你为什么这么做?
  • 你叫什么名字??
  • 你的地址是什么??


  • 威胁的确切措辞
  • 呼叫者性别
  • 来电者年龄
  • 呼叫者种族
  • 通话时长
  • 日期和时间呼叫已被接听
  • 其他注意事项


  • 你的声音熟悉吗,听起来像谁?
  • 什么最能形容打电话的人的声音? i.e., 平静, 愤怒的, 兴奋, 慢, 快速, 软, 大声, 笑, 哭, 正常的, 截然不同的, 含糊不清, 鼻, 口吃, 口齿不清, 刺耳的, 深, 崎岖的, 清理喉咙, 深呼吸, 破碎的声音, 伪装, 口音


  • 街上噪音, 动物的声音, 清晰的, 静态, 音乐, 房子的声音, 电动机, 工厂, 办公室, 其他的声音


  • Well-spoken or educated, incoherent, foul, irrational/威胁, taped, mess年龄 being read



  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外)
  • 警告附近的其他人漏油
  • 避免吸入泄漏的蒸汽
  • Direct potentially contaminated people to stay in a controlled area until they have been 清晰的ed of contaminants
  • 隔离并控制泄漏. Post or tape off the affected area and establish a controlled entry point to the area
  • 不允许其他人进入该区域,甚至是取回个人物品
  • 不要传播污染物. 在走到大楼的其他地方之前,先脱掉鞋子
  • 用吸水的东西盖住湿的溢出物. 用稍微潮湿的东西盖住干燥的溢出物
  • 把毛巾扔进垃圾桶. 不要把污染物冲进下水道
  • Use appropriate kit to neutralize and absorb inorganic acids and bases or to absorb spills with vermiculite, 干砂, 或者硅藻土.
  • 作为化学废物收集和处理
  • 如果泄漏物是易燃的,关闭点火源和热源. 不要点燃炉子或打开开关



  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外)
  • 不要试图逮捕或干涉罪犯
  • 注意罪犯的特征:身高, 重量, 性, 比赛, 年龄, 服装, 武器(如有), 以及旅行的方向和方法
  • 如果罪犯开车逃离现场, 注意车牌, 使, 模型, color, 以及车辆的其他特性


  • 手动激活火灾报警器
  • 立即离开大楼并关上身后的门
  • 告诉附近的人有火灾
  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外)


  • Wet and place cloth material around and under the door to prevent smoke from entering
  • 在你和火堆之间,尽可能关上所有的门
  • 准备给外面的人发信号, but do not break glass until absolutely necessary as smoke may be drawn into the room


  • 趴在地板上,爬向出口
  • 越低越好
  • 用鼻子浅呼吸,用衬衫或毛巾作为过滤器



  • 如果这样做是安全的, 关闭电气设备,确保实验安全, 至关重要的设备, 记录, 把危险物质移到更高的地方
  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外)



  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外)
  • 除非他或她有危险,否则不要移动他或她
  • 除非求助,否则不要离开这个人
  • 如果你受过培训并有资格,可以进行急救或心肺复苏



  • 保持冷静
  • 拔掉所有电子设备的插头,包括电脑
  • 不要点燃蜡烛或其他火焰,因为它们可能引起爆炸
  • 如果需要疏散,确保所有实验的安全并关闭研究气体. 所有化学品应储存在原来的位置. 全开通风柜. 如果这不是
  • possible or natural ventilation is inadequate, evacuate the laboratory until power is returned.


如果你注意到职场暴力, 包括恐吓, 威胁, 人身攻击和财产损失, 采取以下步骤:

  • 拨打911:紧急情况(消防、警察或救护车)
  • 拨打411:校园保安(校园电话)
  • 拨打419-574-3861:校园保安(校外)
  • 躲在锁着的门后面



One of 圣母院大学’s goals is to ensure the safety of the Lourdes community. AG8国际大厅登录力求防止或减轻任何紧急情况. Below is an outline of the types of emergencies that may occur on a college campus.


A health emergency is the rare situation when something unusual creates the potential for widespread illness or possible death among a group of people.


  • 大面积细菌性脑膜炎爆发
  • 大规模食源性疾病爆发
  • 生物恐怖主义行为,如故意释放炭疽孢子
  • 大量化学品泄漏或释放,导致多人受伤
  • 流感大流行

卫生突发事件, 根据它们的性质, 通常是比自然灾害更持久的事件吗, 可能持续数周或数月. An influenza pandemic may cause significant reductions in the available workforce and cause disruptions in 正常的 services.


作为一种惯例, AG8官网登录网址不关门除非生, safety or security of Lourdes personnel and students is seriously brought into question.

如果决定关闭AG8官网登录网址镇, all official Lourdes notifications will be transmitted via a mess年龄 on the 圣母院大学 website homepage, 并通过当地媒体(电台和电视台).


A tornado or severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are right for severe weather to develop 快速ly. If a watch is issued for Lucas County, students and Lourdes representatives should:

  • 如果可能的话, monitor the weather through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric 政府 (NOAA) or a local TV and/or radio station
  • 如果在室外,考虑搬到最近的有安全区域的建筑物内
  • 如在室内(如办公室或实验室), 关上窗户和百叶窗, 准备好转移到安全地带
  • 上课的教师应关闭窗口, inform students of their building’s safe areas and be ready to relocate to those areas

A tornado or severe thunderstorm warning means that the severe weather is happening and the situation is dangerous. The National Weather Service will sound the sirens in the event of a tornado warning, 但在其他严重风暴的情况下却不是这样. Lourdes will communicate tornado and severe weather warnings via the LourdesALERT text messaging system, 发邮件到你的AG8官网登录网址邮箱, 电话留言到校园电话, 以及AG8官网登录网址网站首页. When the warning mess年龄 is received via the National Weather Service or Lourdes, 应采取以下步骤:

  • 马上把学生和AG8官网登录网址的代表转移到安全地带. 安全区域包括地下室或最低层的室内走廊
  • 关闭教室、实验室或办公室的门,远离窗户
  • Remain in a safe area until the warning expires or until the all-清晰的 notification has been issued